Progress update September 26 2013, 6 Comments

I woke up this morning to the full demo or 'Treasure!' the song sitting in my dropbox, and it is awesome!

Yes, I know, I am probably very biased, but I think Cliff has done a fantastic job - it's a real toe tapper, and my girls both love it, and more importantly, started singing along!

Cliff also assures me that I should be able to play it on my trusty ukulele, which is pretty good, as I only know about 6 chords! I can see a few kindergarten visits coming on, with a book reading and a song thrown in. The whole idea fills me with extreme trepidation, but these are the sort of things that most be done if I want to sell any of my books!

I also viewed some of the illustrations yesterday, and am also very happy with them. Hopefully they'll all be finished in the next couple of weeks, which will mean I'm on track for a November 1st release date.

I have decided not to print in China and use a local printer. This means that the turnaround time is roughly a quarter of importing from China, and I also get to support local industries. And once you add on the custom checks and shipping, it actually works out much the same.

So the countdown is on, and it is very exciting.

It is also very scary! What if everyone hates it! What if all that good feedback I've had from people is just them being nice, and not wanting to hurt my feelings! 

A very wise person told me that there will always be people who don't like your work, and not to take it personally. You can't please everyone. I am just hoping that I please more people than I displease. How's that for a catch phrase!

Right, work to do. See you next week.