Quiz! September 18 2013, 3 Comments

I thought we could have a little fun today and do a quiz. And seeing as my blog is mostly about kid books, the questions will be kid book orientated.

1. Who is Anne's best friend in 'Anne of Green Gables'

2. What was the name of the fairy in 'The Magic Faraway Tree'

3. What could David's mother win from the witch in 'The Witch in the Cherry Tree'

4. What was the colour of the balloon in 'Goodnight Moon'

5. How many children did Mr Fox have in 'Fantastic Mr Fox'

6. Finish the sentence, 'Could you, would with a goat. Would you, could on a .....'

7. What was the name of the dog from the 'Famous Five' series

8. What 'noise' did they make going through the woods in 'Going on a Bear Hunt'

9. Who was Asterisk's big friend in the 'Asterix' series

10. What did Hagrid disguise his wand as in the 'Harry Potter' series

See how many you can get, and no asking Google!

If you scroll down a bit, you can see the answers. Just tell me how many you got right in the comments section.

Not much happening on the book front this week!

I'm waiting for both my illustrator and my composer to get back to me - and I'm not rushing them, as I know good things late time.

I have decided to get them printed in New Zealand, rather than sending them off to China. Once you take into account custom checks and shipping, it's much the same as having it printed at home – and it's nice to be able to say written, illustrated and printed in New Zealand. The turnaround time is only 7 days, which is much quicker, and very important when you are unexpectedly delayed! 

Right, the answers! Scroll down a little....









1. Diana Barry

2. Silky

3. A magical egg beater

4. Red

5. Four

6. Boat

7. Timmy

8. Stumble, trip. Stumble, trip

9. Obelix

10. An umbrella