Change of Plan! August 30 2013, 1 Comment

Well it has been a stressful week! About this time last week my Illustrator and I had a falling out, and after a lot of upset and heartache, we have decided to part company.

I'm not going to go into all the nitty gritty details, suffice to say it was all fairly horrible and I am glad to be moving on with a clean slate, as it were.

So instead of being ready to hit go on the print, I am actually taking some rather large steps backwards!

On the more positive side, I have learnt a few lesson's this week.

  1. Organise a contract before anything gets started
  2. I now know the going rate for illustrators, and it's a lot less than my former one was willing to accept
  3. You can get legal advice over the internet - who knew! For $47 dollars I had a whole real time conversation with a NZ lawyer in a chat room situation. What a fantastic service! Check them out on
  4. Did I mention a contract?
  5. I found out that a friend of mine has a fine arts degree and would like to try her hand at illustration! Very handy! (And yes, I have sent her a contract!)

So hopefully all is not lost.

Live and learn, live and learn :)