Sing! August 22 2013, 2 Comments

It's been a busy few days! I have been emailing up a storm with my cousin Cliff. He's in London, I am in Auckland, and between the two of us we are writing a song to go with Treasure! I sent him a copy of the book a couple of weeks ago, which was surprisingly nerve wracking! What if he didn't like it? What it he took one look and said it wasn't suitable to be put to music! So it was with some trepidation that I pushed the send button!

The next morning I had an email waiting for me, saying that he thought it was great!
Oh thank goodness! 

Since then we have been emailing frequently, first Cliff sent me a couple of lines of music which I bashed out on my ipad piano app. I liked it, very catchy.

Next was an actual demo of the chorus, complete with hornpipes, drums, vocals and backing vocals! He's a clever man, my cousin! I played it to my girls, who immediately started stomping out the beat and doing the actions - a very good sign, I think!

I played the demo about a hundred times, then thought of a tune to go with the verse. Next minute I am sitting in front of Photo Booth, playing the demo, singing along, and then stopping it to sing the verses, and then hitting go again for the chorus. I'm glad there was no one around to see me, as I looked and felt like a complete dork!

Putting dignity behind me, I sent that off to Cliff as an example of what I'd like to happen with the verses. Thankfully, while I looked like a dork, apparently I didn't sound like one, as Cliff liked it, and is now going to use that melody, with a few minor tweaks. 

So in a week or so, I should have a full song to listen too!

Then we need to work out the logistic's of getting it recorded with the vocals, which are such an important part. We are going for rough and ready pirate, who has surprisingly good diction. Ask any singer, diction is key!

There are lots of kids books that have been set to music, and coming from a musical family, I have always thought that they added a lot to the enjoyment of the book. The number of times I have sung a story rather than reading it is quite high - and my kids love it.

We like all the nursery songs, Kiwi Jingle Bells and Jungle Boogie best.

Do you sing to your kids? If so, what are your favourites?