The Princess Bride August 19 2013, 1 Comment

Most people over a certain age know about The Princess Bride, probably having watched the movie. If you are like me, you also own the DVD and can quote a fair proportion of the dialogue!

I picked up the book the other day, and read it for the first time. Unlike lots of other books that have been turned into movies, nothing major had been changed, right down to that quotable dialogue! I know I read that book with a smile on my face, as I immersed myself in the familiar world of Buttercup and Westley.

It comes across as an abridged version, of an original by S. Morenstern. This is in fact not true, as Goldman made it up to add another layer of interest to the book. You can read all about it here.

The bit that I really enjoyed about both book and movie is that one of the underlying themes is how important it is to read to your children. To connect with them doing something that you both enjoy, to instill that love of reading, to create happy memories.

I can remember snuggling down with my sister to listen to our Dad read The Hobbit. Night after night he would read a chapter before bed, as our heads filled with hobbits, dwarves, elves, wizards, trolls, etc. It was something completely different from our usual reading fare, and the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of fantasy.

From there I went onto reading David Eddings' Belgarion, which in turn led me onto to more and more fantasy books. Given a choice between a standard fiction work and a fantasy, I will nearly always choose the fantasy. 

As my girls grow, I too read to them every night, and am impatiently waiting for them to grow up a bit more so I can pull out my old favourites. We have worked our way through all three of the Magic Faraway Tree books, but my eldest is only 6, so I think The Hobbit would be too scary for her. (My kids are such scardy-cats, I can't even take them to the movies!).

I do have a mental list - Anne of Green Gables, or anything by L. M. Montgomery, Harry Potter, Famous Five, Trixie Beldon..... there are so many to choose from!

What are your favourite children's books? Do you have childhood memories of being read to?