Getting organised August 08 2013, 2 Comments

Welcome to my first ever blog post.

What started as a gem of an idea has grown roots, spouted up and is nearly ready to blossom!

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story as an excerise in a writing course that I was doing. It was based on the tried and true method of writing a story of someone going out and doing something, and then returning. Think 'Going on a Bear Hunt'.

So that's what I did, wrote a story about four kids going on a Treasure hunt. Part of the story was a repeating verse, but the rest was in prose.

Along the way, I have re-written my original story, tweaked, and tweaked it (as you do) and now the whole thing is in rhyme.

Testing it out on my children, I found I was unconsciously singing it. Hmmm, I thought. Why not try and get it set to music?

One facebook post later, and I had several offers to help out - who knew that so many people were interested in writing songs for kids!

One of those people who contacted me just happened to be my cousin, Cliff Bradley, who actually does this sort of thing professionally. Cashing in some cousinly love, Cliff has kindly done me a fantastic deal, and is working on it as I type. you can check out his website at If you click on the Production tab, you can listen to some of the other music he has worked on.

There will still be a bit to do, as he is just writing the backtrack music, so I will need to find someone to voice it. Luckily, I come from a fairly musical family, so should be able to rustle up somebody!

Now I am in the final stages of publishing. I'm getting the print ready files sorted (I'm a graphic designer in another life, so have lots of experience in print), and now I am getting my head around producing files for Kindle and ePub.

I am also getting print quotes sorted, as for all the ebooks are great, I really do prefer a hardcopy for children's books.

So that's where I am now!

Feel free to comment, ask questions - in fact I'd love it if you did.