Toast – it's a complicated business January 10 2014, 3 Comments

Since it's the holidays, I get to laze around in bed for a bit longer* in the mornings, while my girls get themselves up and go downstairs – usually to create a weird and wonderful mess for me to discover later.

After a lesson on how to use the toaster safely, my 5 year old in particular has embraced being able to make her own breakfast, and had been doing very well.

That is, until the toaster was used to toast Vogal's. Vogal's takes significantly longer to cook so the dials on the toaster were turn right up as far as they could go.

This resulted in the following conversation:

H: Mumma! I burnt the toast (carrying said toast upstairs to my bedroom)
Me: Oh no! I remember, I turned the knobs up. You just need to turn the knob back down to four and try again. Can you do that?
H: Yes, I can
3 mins later....
H: Mumma, I did what you said, but it just made it more burnter!
Me: Did you turn the knob down?
H: Yes!
Me: (looking at the toast that was significantly more burnt than before) Did you use new bread?
H: No, I put the toast back in!
Me: Hahahahahaha (followed by a leap out of bed)


The kitchen and family room had a foot of smoke coming down from the ceiling – which the smoke detector didn't pick up! (Battery change required). I had to open every window and door, turn on the extractor fan, chucked the offending toast outside for the birds, and now, a day later, the house still smells like burnt toast!

H made herself breakfast again this morning – rice bubbles.

*When I say longer, I mean all the way to 8am! Living life in the edge here!

Have you had any disasters come from someone mis-interpreting your instructions? I'd love to hear your stories, please comment below.