Kiwi Critters December 12 2013, 0 Comments

Today I am doing something a bit different than my usual. Instead I am going to introduce you to a series of super cute books, written by fellow kiwi author Donna Blaber.

The Kiwi Critters Series consists of four little books – perfectly sized for little hands – that follow the story of Keri the Kiwi and her friends as they organise a party, a sausage sizzle to raise much needed cash for the Kenny Kakapo, work together to get Bruce the Possum back in Australia where he belongs, and have an impromptu picnic.

The text is rhyming and rhythmical, with kiwi terms throughout. It rolls of the tongue nicely, and teams up seamlessly with the bright illustrations done by her husband Rupert Shaw. They are gentle stories that have a conservation note to them, and are great for getting children to recognise our unique native animals.

My kids took one look at these books and wanted to read them straight away – always a good sign! Once they got their hands on them they loved the cute drawings, and thought that sending Bruce the Possum back to Australia in a giant bungy sling-shot was hilarious!

These books are aimed at younger chidren, kids aged from 0-5 will love being read too, while they also make good first readers for 5-6 year olds.

Donna is a prolific author, with over 30 books to her name. She has written numerous travel guides about New Zealand and has been published internationally. The Kiwi Critter series is a new venture for her, with more books planned.

Donna received the Excellence in Arts Business Award recently for her work in publishing. This was awarded by the Northland Chamber of Commerce.

You can get her books from if you are in New Zealand, otherwise Amazon is your best bet. You can also check her out on Facebook.