Launched! November 13 2013, 0 Comments

What  a couple of weeks it has been!

The run up to the launch on November the 2nd was manic, with book details but also with actual proper work - I was designing business cards for a client at the same time as talking to the printer on the phone, organising an appearance in the local newspaper, and finishing off the board game that had to get to my local printer in order to get them done in time for the launch. As well as a few dozen other things!

Add in to being able to sleep at night due to sheer terror (I was paranoid the books wouldn't turn up on time!) I was feeling rather frazzled by the time 7pm on Saturday night rolled around.

But then my sister put a glass of bubbles in my hand, the doors opened and in came all my friends (my family were already there, having been superstars at setting up, along with Yvette from Party by Design, who lent me the pirate decorations).

I simply had a wonderful time!

Really, truly, it was great.

I did feel a bit silly signing my first book, but as the evening went on, it all got easier and easier.

I did a speech which went well, and people laughed in all the right places. Then Danni did a speech and said lovely things and nearly made me cry!

Treasure! the song played on a continuous loop, and was very popular. So popular, in fact, that all the CD's of it went flying out the door. Thanks very much Cliff, the composer, you hit the nail on the head. And Tony Stevens made a wonderful pirate as lead vocalist.

Everyone had a lovely time, and in the end we had to chivy people out the door so we wouldn't go over our booking time.

I also sold a lot of books!

Here are some of the pictures from the night, taken by Michael Tran (aka Danni's husband)

Signing books - I was a pro by this stage!

Looking great

Danielle and me

Family shot - proud husband and kids

Best shot of the evening, my Dad and my husband Paul