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Out & About July 10 2014, 0 Comments

I have been dusting off my ukulele, singing 'Treasure!' in the shower, making paper pirate hats and getting my pirate on! Yes, I have done my first school visit, giving five 15 minute performances to the junior classes of Marshal Laing school, in Mount Roskill, Auckland.

Marshal Laing School were having Book Week and invited me along to perform. The kids enjoyed themselves, and I did too, once the nerves wore off! I answered lots of questions, from how long it takes to write a book (about 18 months from start to finish), if I illustrated the book myself (no, that was the very talented Danielle Fontaine, my good friend and neighbour), how to make a pirate hat (very easy!), was I a real pirate (sadly, no) and if they could use the toilet!

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Imagination – The Dark Side February 04 2014, 1 Comment

But what happens when too much imagination is a bad thing? When reading a ghost story at bedtime results in being unable to go to sleep, because you think the boogie-man is going to get you. When seeing a documentary about volcanoes results in months of bad dreams and an ongoing phobia (true story – my daughter saw the volcano exhibit at Auckland Muesum and got seriously freaked out. We live in Auckland, and are surrounded by cone shaped hills that were once volcanoes – this has posed problems!).

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Introducing Christine Hurst January 17 2014, 1 Comment

This whole self-publishing lark has been a big learning curve for me, and several people have helped out with advice along the way. I now belong to a 'Self Publishers in New Zealand' Facebook page, and one of the other members is Christine Hurst, self-published author of the Symphony Smythe books.

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Toast – it's a complicated business January 10 2014, 3 Comments

In which I learn the importance of precise instructions, the local birds get a bonus meal and my 5 year old develops a healthy respect for our toaster.

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Kiwi Critters December 12 2013, 0 Comments

Today I am doing something a bit different than my usual. Instead I am going to introduce you to a series of super cute books, written by fellow kiwi author Donna Blaber.

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What are you thankful for? November 27 2013, 0 Comments

It's been Thanksgiving over in the US, and while we don't celebrate it here, listing things that you are thankful for is a fun and reasonably uplifting thing to do :)

So here are some of the things that I am thankful for, in no particular order.

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Launched! November 13 2013, 0 Comments

What  a couple of weeks it has been!

The run up to the launch on November the 2nd was manic, with book details but also with actual proper work - I was designing business cards for a client at the same time as talking to the printer on the phone, organising an appearance in the local newspaper, and finishing off the board game that had to get to my local printer in order to get them done in time for the launch. As well as a few dozen other things!

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Printing! October 27 2013, 0 Comments

Well it sure has been a busy time of late. My book has been printed now, and is currently being bound, but that didn't happen without a few twists in the road. Nothing is ever straight forward!


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Cover - which do you like best? October 10 2013, 11 Comments

I have made up a couple of cover options, and would like your opinion on which you prefer? 
The black or the blue frame?

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Progress update September 26 2013, 6 Comments

I woke up this morning to the full demo or 'Treasure!' the song sitting in my dropbox, and it is awesome!

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